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Another Amazing Letter

A couple who have subscribed for a while, have done an amazing thing with their recent renewal: they added an extra financial contribution for the magazine. They did this out of concern due to the COVID-19 crisis and how our supportive advertisers have had to cut back their spending. This reminds me of another surprise […]Read More

What Makes a Good Business Owner?

This charming photo of the Collie Little Bear looking at a rabbit is by Barrett Sharpe of Ancaster. Can you make out the well-hidden rabbit? First, I have good news about my friend’s surgery: everything has gone well. This may be another sign that slowly, things are improving in our hospitals and elsewhere. As we’re […]Read More

Surgery in the Time of COVID-19

This is a very personal blog post, but it describes what’s occupying my mind these days, and might be something you can relate to. While most of us are staying home and following physical distancing, some people are dealing with challenges made unusual because of this pandemic. A friend of mine from early university days […]Read More

Autumn 2019: Our Annual Focus on Art

By Gloria Hildebrandt Our Autumn issue is at the printer now. It’ll be mailed to subscribers and important contacts in the next few days and will be available at our advertisers by around Sept. 1. Also around that time, you can see which advertisers will have free copies to give out, on our page neviews.ca/where-to-get-copies/. […]Read More

Only Cavers Can Rescue Cavers

There are caves along the Niagara Escarpment but they are not extensive. Indeed, caving enthusiasts consider them beginner caves. But an incident this past weekend, involving experienced cavers in an Ontario cave system not near the Escarpment, emphasized the need to respect even the “easiest” caves & to enter them only with a clear plan […]Read More

Testimonial from Irish Cabinet Maker!

We’re very happy to learn of this success for one of our regular advertisers, Irish Cabinet Maker of Georgetown: “I was very pleased to get a $5,000 job as a direct result of my ad in the Spring issue of your magazine,” says Harold Kirkland. “My new client told me they had phoned other people, […]Read More

Give Niagara Escarpment Views for the Holidays!

Give a subscription to four issues a year to the magazine people call impressive, incredible, interesting & beautiful – and those are just some comments in our current Winter issue! Order your gifts and we will email you a beautiful notification that you can print and GIVE TO YOUR FRIENDS and we’ll also include a […]Read More

When Someone Else Gets All the Breaks

I have a pile of credentials, but my partner Mike is getting all the glory. I have been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and businesses since 1974. I studied literature and writing at university and a polytechnical institute. Heck, I taught literature and writing courses at two community colleges for eight years. And what […]Read More

How NOT to Handle Media

By Gloria Hildebrandt This is a genuine “blog” entry, in that it’s like a private journal entry about our business. You could call it one of my rants Promising what you have no intention of ever delivering is a really poor tactic in media relations. Here’s what happened. I received an email message last week about […]Read More

Writing On the Spiral of Life

This memoir by Gloria Hildebrandt first appeared in Trinity Alumni Magazine, Spring 2018. My life didn’t end up the way I had hoped it would when I was at Trinity. It has turned out better than I could ever have dreamed. The shape my life has taken is a spiral, repeatedly ending up where I started, […]Read More