Autumn 2019: Our Annual Focus on Art

By Gloria Hildebrandt

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Every Autumn for several years now we’ve been featuring art, artists and galleries. The natural beauty of the whole Escarpment seems to draw visual artists, potters and creative people in general. This year it turned out that a common theme among the artists we’re focussing on, is the northern part of the Escarpment. Even if they aren’t actually located in the northern end, the spirit of their work seems to echo that area. We also show a lot of Indigenous art in this issue.
But our cover story is an armchair tour of the Niagara Glen part of the Escarpment. Art Weaver’s rich photography and interesting information make this a pleasure to dive into. That’s one of his photos on the cover. Art’s last piece for us was the highly controversial “Searching for the Elusive Slime Mould” in last Autumn’s issue.
Another of our frequent contributors, Rosaleen Egan, turned her focus onto the small community halls and back roads in Clearview Township around Creemore. Fun and fellowship flow through the pages of her experiences of two festivals that take place here in the fall. If you’re up for a road trip, she has some ideas. Rosaleen previously wrote “Apples for all Seasons” for our Autumn 2018 issue.
I know it’s too early to put up Christmas trees, at least I hope so, but the Autumn issue extends to the end of November, and some Escarpment towns host Christmas house tours in late November or early December. They usually raise money for charities and good causes. To get you in the spirit to go on your local tour, we present our favourite photos from last year’s Fonthill United Church’s Christmas house tour. You can see the special looks that Niagara designers put together.
While these are our main photo features, there are other gems in this issue that we urge you to examine. And we remind you that this is a year for a federal election! We published your federal election questions to the political parties, and this time, we’re happy to point out that we have responses from the four main parties. Please consider their statements before you vote, but at the very least, make sure that you do vote!

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