Jay Calder and The Arrogant Worms in Orangeville

     Guitar music and laughter filled Theatre Orangeville last night as The Arrogant Worms added an Escarpment town to their summer tour. Chris Patterson, Trevor Strong and Mike McCormick, dubbed “Canada’s Clown Princes of Musical Comedy,” performed their humorous and satirical songs, which are winning them a cult following. From their “We Are the Beaver,” their patriotic and family-friendly compositions and emphasis on audience participation during “Rippy the Gator” and “Rocks and Trees” provide fun for all ages. Their tongue-in-cheek anthem “Canada’s Really Big” was voted onto CBC’s contest for Barack Obama’s Playlist.

     Their full evening of entertainment was preceded by talent of another kind: Jay Calder performing instrumental music on guitar. Calder plays guitar like no one else I have ever heard. He plays a steel string acoustic guitar in what he calls “finger style,” which means he doesn’t use a pick. Instead, he uses his fingers and nails, thumbs and palms to produce melodies, harmonies and drum beats. He plays like a one-man band that you have to see to believe!

     The evening was organized and introduced by Grant Jennings, who’s a relative of mine, but despite that, he managed an impressive job.

     If you get a chance to see or hear The Arrogant Worms or Jay Calder, do it.

Jay Calder
Jay Calder



Arrogant Worms
Arrogant Worms
Arrogant Worms Back Stage




  • Hi Gloria,

    Thanks for attending and reviewing the show. I hope you had some laughs. Looking forward to the hard copy in the fall.



  • I’ve seen/heard The Arrogant Worms before and they are quite funny! So I’d have to echo your suggestion, if you get a chance, go see them.

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