Free Download of Children’s Book Wings and Thingamajigs

Second title in a children's book series

Wings and Thingamajigs, the second picture book in a series about air quality and climate change issues for children ages 4 to 8, is available for free download.
Beautifully illustrated by Dundas artist Brandon Koepke, the story is written by Beckie Jas and published by Halton Region. Following the theme of the first book, A Farewell to Featherwagons, which was discussed previously on this blog, this volume brings back the Barn Owl characters and introduces a Screech Owl named Echo.
In this story, the young birds go back to school on the first day and are challenged to create alternative modes of transport. Their nasty, polluting “featherwagons” are left behind in favour of their own inventions and of course, their wings, perhaps a metaphor for walking when possible.
The back of the book provides fun activities for deeper involvement with the story, including climate change facts, facts about Screech Owls, “seek & find” suggestions and ideas for classroom discussion.
A great touch to this series is the involvement of Conservation Halton’s Mountsberg Conservation Area, which houses and rehabilitates imprinted and wounded birds of prey. Amy Fennell, the Raptor Centre Lead, often brings impressive birds to classrooms and community events, tirelessly teaching about their habits and needs. People can also go to Mountsberg to visit the birds there.

Have you been to the Mountsberge centre? Have you seen any of our elusive but mighty birds of prey?

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