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Cover Story

Page 30-31 of Winter 2020 issue. The coyote Samson being released at his home farm after being treated for mange at Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre

Our sweet cover story is about the wonderful work being done for Escarpment wildlife at nearby rescue centres. If you find a wild animal in distress or just want to help out animals in need, contact the centres we spotlight here. From a teeny fieldmouse to a newborn fawn, native animals sometimes need a little help before they’re sent back on their way in the natural world. Think about sending these places a few dollars after you read the piece at https://neviews.ca/Samples/49%20wildlife%20rescue.pdf.

Page 14-15 of Winter 2019-20 issue. Antiques for sustainability

Turns out that buying antiques is good for the environment! Instead of endlessly buying new, we can buy the best of the old and get a treasure while keeping stuff out of landfill. Take an armchair tour of three antique outlets near the Escarpment: The Freelton Antique Mall, Czech It Out in Meaford, and Lakeshore Antiques & Treasures in Niagara-on-the-Lake. See it here: https://neviews.ca/Samples/49%20antiques.pdf.

page 20-21 of Winter 2019-20 issue

The famous Niagara Escarpment waterfalls photographer Joseph Hollick delivers a visual treat in his side-by-side look at Hamilton’s waterfalls in winter, 100 years ago and recently. He notes what changes there have been and whether these falls can be visited today. He has brought us a world of wonder in falling water. Explore the images at https://neviews.ca/Samples/49%20waterfalls.pdf.

Page 36-37 of the Winter 2019-20 issue. From slavery to Freedom in Niagara

The mighty Niagara River divides two countries and once separated freedom from slavery. This amazing article documents some of the daring efforts of enslaved people of the U.S. in the early 1800s to escape to the safety of Upper Canada via the Underground Railroad. Several locations in Niagara Region that played a role in this route from slavery are documented and explained. Get your history lesson at https://neviews.ca/Samples/49%20slavery.pdf.

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