Roller Coaster

Times are wild right now. News programs are solid COVID-19 reports and can give me nightmares but I can’t stop watching them. Things change throughout the day. We’re headed for the worst week yet; the province of B.C. and New York State appear to be levelling off in case numbers; Boris Johnson has tested positive; more Canadians will be getting financial support. Up, down, repeat. It’s a roller coaster.
I’ve been feeling up and down, myself. Some days I actually ache so much I can barely move. Some days I cry at the slightest emotional thing I see or hear online or on TV. Today I love the sunshine and warmer weather and love being outside – alone, on my own property. Sometimes I wonder if the magazine will have to shut down due to lack of ad support, then some ad orders come in. One regular advertiser emailed me the heartwarming “I absolutely wish to continue.” And then that makes me a little teary. Crazy swings of emotion!
We’ve been working on updating our website, but it wasn’t in our plans to launch the new site in the middle of a pandemic. But it’s done and we’ve gone live with it and it’s here for you to explore and see if anything works better, worse or not at all. Let me know. I hope it’s stronger and more direct, but it will take getting used to.
A while ago, Mike and I decided we would go ahead and publish the Summer issue even if we take a financial hit. We have great editorial features all finished and ready to share. We can’t just disappear without communicating with all our readers, viewers and subscribers. It may be a little more difficult to get your free copy, especially if your favourite advertiser isn’t open. But check here in May to see what our plans are for getting the issue out to the public. Of course subscribers will have no problem. Hint: you can subscribe easily through this page.
Now we’re looking for ad support to pay our production and delivery costs. Every bit helps, every ad gets us closer. Those who can’t advertise this time, bring me down a bit. Those who will, lift my spirits. Down, up. The new roller coaster ride.
            At least the blue Hyacinths in my garden are starting to bloom! How are you doing these days?

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