The Lincoln MKZ: A Great Drive

Report and review by Chris Miller.

Chris Miller wearing a Bethell T-shirt, and Carlos Martins, Fines' general manager. Photo by Brian Perrot.
Chris Miller wearing a Bethell T-shirt, and Carlos Martins, Fines’ general manager. Photo by Brian Perrot.

On Saturday June 11 Bethel Hospice together with Fines Ford Lincoln dealership in Bolton arranged an interesting fund raising event. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., for everyone who registered to test drive a Lincoln product, the dealership would donate $50 to the hospice. The hospice needs to raise money to run and annually has many events. Only a percentage of the cost of running a hospice is covered by the government and they have to raise the balance.
My wife passed away at the hospice some 1 ½ years ago. What a wonderful place, albeit a sad situation. Many in similar circumstances have praised the hospice.
Now I test drove a Lincoln MKZ car. This beauty was in the low $40,000 range and was loaded with just about all the latest tech features. It had lots of power and having used paddle shifters in a car before, I enjoyed up- and down-shifting for maximum power and driving enjoyment. I drive a six-speed manual so am not a great fan of (lazy) automatics, so this was a good compromise. The torque this vehicle had was amazing, very quick off the mark. It was comfortable and the ”invisible “controls, once you got used to, were easy to operate. Very few buttons to press except the start/stop and gear shift buttons. For the few minutes I drove the vehicle, I felt that if I were in the market, I would give it serious consideration.
All in all it was a great drive, up there with the top European and Japanese products.

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  • Chris it was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks so much for participating in our fundraiser for Bethell Hospice Foundation! Stop in and say hello next time you are in Bolton 🙂

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