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Smoking Outdoors

This news just in: Starting in 2020, all forms of smoking will be prohibited in all conservation areas and other outdoor spaces owned and managed by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA), except in parking lots. The restriction on smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing any form of tobacco, smoking, using medical and non-medical cannabis […]Read More

Walk at RBG

Rick Grant took an autumn stroll in Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens and captured some beautiful moments with his camera.Read More

Only Cavers Can Rescue Cavers

There are caves along the Niagara Escarpment but they are not extensive. Indeed, caving enthusiasts consider them beginner caves. But an incident this past weekend, involving experienced cavers in an Ontario cave system not near the Escarpment, emphasized the need to respect even the “easiest” caves & to enter them only with a clear plan […]Read More

What to Expect in Summer 2019

We’re rapidly approaching the end of preparations for our Summer issue. We have to close our ad space reservations at the end of this week, although we have until early May to finalize all the actual ads themselves. Our editorial features have already been completed, and they look powerful. We have a couple of “watery” […]Read More

Sweet Season is Here

Maple Town opens March 2 at Conservation Halton’s Mountsberg Conservation Area in Campbellville & also at Crawford Lake CA, & runs until April 7 on weekends, holidays & March break. At Mountsberg, you can ride in a horse-drawn wagon, examine sap dripping into buckets, learn how syrup is made, feed chickadees from the hand, have […]Read More

Frogwatcher Hikes at Mountsberg

Just in from our friends at Conservation Halton: Spring fever is in the air right now as male frogs are getting ready to sing in full chorus to attract mates. This annual nature phenomenon can be witnessed in the forests and wetlands of Mountsberg Conservation Area where you can join in our interesting and informative […]Read More

Awesome Autumn on the Escarpment

Our good friends at Conservation Halton have a wonderful festival for you to enjoy. Get out there and marvel at the gorgeous views and hues of this season! Conservation Halton invites you to enjoy the spectacular landscapes and colours of fall during the annual Fall into Nature Festival. The events take place over two weekends […]Read More

Badlands of Caledon Temporary Closure

Ontario Heritage Trust has the following news regarding the Caledon Badlands: At the end of May, a protective fence will be erected along Olde Baseline Road in the Town of Caledon, temporarily closing the Cheltenham Badlands to visitors – while a long-term plan guiding future conservation and public access to the site is under development. […]Read More

Maple Time at Crawford Lake & Mountsberg

News from our friends at Conservation Halton: Wondering when spring will arrive? Stop looking to groundhogs and robins for predictions of the thaw, at Conservation Halton we say look to the trees! The maple sap is about to flow and Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Areas are firing up for two marvellous maple syrup festivals. Conservation […]Read More