Stratford Shakespeare Festival Posts Seana McKenna’s Column

Stratford Shakespeare Festival has posted Seana McKenna’s column about preparing to perform Richard III, on their website. I’m glad. This is Seana’s column in the spring issue of Escarpment Views and we’re extremely fortunate that she’s willing to share with our readers, her deepest thoughts about acting and theatre. It says a lot about her trust in our editorial work, and her understanding that our 25,000+ readers are her audience. When she writes for Escarpment Views, she’s reaching some of the thousands of people who see her perform each year, and leap out of their seats to give her a standing ovation.

Photo by Andrew Eccles
Photo by Andrew Eccles

     To see the Festival’s link to her column, go here but then make three more clicks: click on “2011 Speeches and Articles” and then click on 2011 and then click on the date beside Seana’s name. Not the most direct way to her words, but at least her thoughtful writing is now being recognized by the Festival.
     This is not her first column for Escarpment Views. It’s not even her first column about Stratford for Escarpment Views. Her other columns are available among Selected Articles on this website, and include these:
Seana’s View of Greek Characters
Seana’s View: Performing Nude
Seana’s View: How do you solve a problem like Medea?
Seana’s View: Backstage at Stratford
Seana’s View: Getting the Most Out of Theatre
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     So check out Seana’s thoughts about her work, and better yet, try to see her live at Stratford again this year, in the solo performance as Anne Hathaway in Shakespeare’s Will, and as King Richard in Richard III. Try. I hear tickets are going fast.

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