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Mike is out today, delivering copies of our gorgeous Summer issue to the Niagara Region and the Hamilton area. Advertisers who are open, will have copies to give out. Not all our usual advertisers have been able to advertise in this issue. Some expected the lockdown to continue all summer.

Now that we’re learning how to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, and businesses are cautiously and protectively opening up, more of our usual advertisers are getting back to work. We have hopes that more of them will resume participation in our next issues.

We’re happy to confirm that we’re still in business, and that we plan to continue publishing print issues on schedule as usual! We may have a few less pages, but we’re committed to creating the same number of impressive features.

Our next issue is Autumn 2020 and we’re already pulling that together. We keep getting wonderful ideas that we want to work on. We keep getting subscribers and people wanting to give gift subscriptions. One order has come in just now as I’m writing this! So you see, we have to keep at it, no matter what.

As soon as we have all our advertisers supplied with copies of the Summer issue, we’ll update our page Get Free Copies.

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