Sandra Shamas Still at her Wit’s End

     Yesterday Mike and I went with another couple to see Sandra Shama [Dec.5: my sister wants me to correct this typo in Shamas’ name!] in a workshop production of her new show, “Wit’s End III: LOVE LIFE.” The audience was 95 per cent female, which made Mike and Steve nervous. “What are we getting into?” they worried.

     It seems that every five years or so, Shamas gives an honest perspective to her life experiences in a way that women and even men can relate to and find humourous at the same time. Sharing the intimate secrets of plucking, shaving, bra fitting, monthly “sloughing,” and hot flashes, Shamas finds everything interesting or amazing, urging women to tell each other all the details so that young and old are no longer unaware of what to expect.

     Shamas has a farm close to the Escarpment and she tells of her trials creating a vegetable garden. “The soil on the Escarpment consists of clay, rocks and thick quack grass,” she explains. The cute little red tractor and two-furrow plow she bought proved inadequate to dig up the turf she wanted to use for planting, so she had to hire someone with heavy machinery. With eventual success in the garden, she planned to sell produce at her farm gate, “but I found out I’m shy,” she said to the fully packed audience.

     Whether you’re a country or a city dweller, living close to the Escarpment or not, you’ll enjoy your time with Shamas. We women laughed until tears came to our eyes; even the men grinned and chuckled.

     What are your favourite moments from all of Shamas’s performances?


  • After our aborted attempt to see the show with you, the rest of us are going next week – I think it’s the very last night of this run. I can’t wait! Last time, I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

  • It’s worth going to. Let us know what you think of this show.

  • I am trying to find out if Sandra has any
    shows scheduled in 2009. I have not had any luck on the web.

  • Mary, I don’t have any inside info. I expect that Sandra’s workshop performances have finished. I suggest you keep checking occasionally to see what she’s doing.

  • Good day,
    I am also curious to know if Sandra is doing anything in 2009. I missed both Wit’s End II and III and am so upset because I loved Wit’s End I. 🙁

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