Shameless Name Dropping

     Thanks to LinkedIn, I recently reconnected with a university friend. I sent him a copy of Escarpment Views and he sent me his response. When I asked, he gave permission to post his comments. In part, he wrote “The magazine looks great. I always loved the escarpment. Once a year or so our folks would take my brother and I for a hike along the Bruce Trail. I remember those days (and my mom’s sandwiches) quite fondly.” You can read his full comment under People Respond.

     This friend is Graham Yost, the son of Elwy Yost, host of TVO’s wonderful “Saturday Night at the Movies.” Graham is the screenwriter of the movies “Speed” and “Broken Arrow” among others, and won an Emmy for writing the TV mini series “From the Earth to the Moon.” He’s also written for “Band of Brothers” and “Boomtown.”

     It’s gratifying when someone who’s moved away and achieved some fame and fortune, is willing to become reacquainted and take an interest in what an old friend is doing. Thanks, Graham, for your encouragement. It’s also great that there are people connected to Hollywood who remember the Escarpment.

     Which of your school friends have grown up to become well known, and are you still in touch with them?


  • I agree with the amazing reach of LinkedIn and Facebook. I’ve reconnected with a number of friends from my television days and, not sure how famous they are, but many are working on high profile projects with the CBC, CTV etc. Mostly editors, producers and technical folks. Now I find myself organizing our 25th reunion!

  • I hope you tell us more, Marnie! I’d like to know what your “television days” were like and what reunion you’re organizing.

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