Photographs by Wendy Jenkinson

Wendy Jenkinson has entered these photos in our contest.

White-tailed deer on the Escarpment

Wendy notes “I saw four beautiful white-tailed deer coming up on the Escarpment behind Brock University in St.Catharines. We all were surprised to see each other.”

White-tailed deer fawn

“My three friends and I were very surprised and amazed to see this cute fawn sleeping in Heartland Forest near the Escarpment in Niagara Falls,” writes Wendy.

Canoe at Escarpment pond

“This canoe is sitting by a wetland pond near Niagara College in Niagara-On-The-Lake,” says Wendy. The fall leaves on the escarpmentĀ near Woodends were beautiful and colourful.”



  • Beautiful images! The ‘sleeping fawn’ is precious.

  • Congratulations on your First Place Win Wendy! beautiful photos!

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