Putting Lion’s Head On The Map

     As we were distributing the December issue, one of our regular advertisers told us that they had already had a call from someone asking if the next issue was in yet. How great is that? This proves that people are drawn to our advertisers’ facilities in part because of our magazine. That is the absolute best that advertising can do: attract interest or draw traffic to you. From there it’s up to you to have the goods or services that people want, at prices they’re willing to pay. When readers and viewers talk to our advertisers about the magazine, they know that it has appeal, and they are more likely to continue to support us, meaning that we can continue publishing what people want. So thank you and please continue!

     We’ve had some interesting responses to the December issue. One person emailed that it’s the best issue ever. Some people have shuddered at our caving feature. Many people say they love the centre photo. “Another one for the wall!” someone said. And we just got a new subscriber who noted “A fascinating addition to our education.” We’re tickled by all of this.

     I also had a call from a resident of Lion’s Head who complained that his town is not on the map. He said that as a village of 500 people, it was a very important place that should be included. I love the fact that this viewer wants his village to be part of the magazine. I told him that we will definitely consider adding it to the map in the next issue.

     Have you seen our December issue? Was there anything that you like or dislike about it? What town or village do you think should be added to the map and why?

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