John Haines’ Painting of 17th-century Blue Mountains

Artist John Haines & Suzanne Purdy of Craigleith Heritage Depot

This is a particularly interesting story, sent to us by The Blue Mountains…

     Local artist, John Haines, recently donated a painting to the Craigleith Heritage Depot. The painting was done in collaboration with local archaeologists and illustrates what The Blue Mountains would have looked like circa 1635.
     John’s unique perspective of painting gives this piece a very interesting vantage point. Instead of looking down at ski runs, the viewer looks down on two active Petun villages. Archaeologists today refer to these two village sites as the Plater-Martin and Plater-Fleming archaeological sites, located at the foot of Blue Mountain. It is estimated that nearly 5,000 people lived here during this time. The painting also illustrates the gardens that once surrounded the villages, the remains of which can still found today.
     To view this painting and learn more about the Petun, visit the Craigleith Heritage Depot located at 113 Lakeshore Rd. E., at the Corner of Hwy 26 East and Grey Road 19.  The Depot is open Wednesday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.


  • Do you have any contact information for John Haines?

    I’m trying to track down a Perspective Map he did for the Town of Blue Mountains in 2007. I believe it was made into a small poster (They have a copy at the Ravenna General Store).


  • We’ll send you some info privately. Thanks for your interest.

  • I would also like his contact. Trying to get a copy of one of paintings as well


  • Hi,

    I’m also trying to find a map he did of the Coast Mountains. If anyone can help get me contact info it wouyld be much appreciated!

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