Friendly, Eagle-Eyed Owen Sounders

     On Sunday we went to the Home & Cottage Expo at the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound. The City of Owen Sound had placed an ad in our spring issue promoting it, so we were interested in checking it out. Claimed to be “The Greatest Home Show in Cottage Country,” it had “150 displays indoors and out with the best builders, home improvement specialists and suppliers of everything for the home and cottage.”

     The setting of the community centre is beautiful, right on the water, with paths and benches that invite you to take a long walk. But we came to meet the exhibitors. We are show veterans by now, having gone to more trade shows, garden shows, home shows and ecofests than we can count, but we were surprised by this show in Owen Sound.    

     Everyone we met was friendly, open and genuinely interested in us. At shows in “the south” we often see exhibitors lose their smiles and turn away from our media badges. Perhaps they are too often hounded by ad sales people with poor publications. At the Owen Sound Home & Cottage Expo, exhibitors welcomed us and liked the look of Escarpment Views.

     When I bought a pair of ratcheting hand clippers, I was thanked for my custom. These exhibitors know how to treat people. Good for you, Owen Sound!


The Case of the Missing L

     One of the organizers of the Expo, Doug Cleverley of the City of Owen Sound, was the first and so far only person to spot a typo on the cover of our spring issue. His eagle eye saw that we are missing the “l” in “Reflecting” in our mission statement beneath the magazine name.

     Embarrassing for me, the editor, who should have caught this error, but well done, Doug! And thanks for letting us know in time for us to correct the electronic version for the Web.

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  • Wow, what a nice plug! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet on the weekend, Gloria. I was probably in a non-public area taking a break – or dealing with a problem, of which there were thankfully very few. I’m glad to hear our exhibitors were kind to you. We have a lot of fun with the show, and I also enjoy meeting the exhibitors who come from far and wide to connect with our patrons.

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