Audrey Tournay’s Great Work at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

     CTV’s W5 aired a segment about Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary a few weeks ago. This is a wonderful organization that rescues and nurtures abandoned and injured wild animals and birds.

     I would love to do a huge feature article on their work, but they are in Rosseau, Ontario, well outside the Niagara Escarpment territory that we cover in Escarpment Views.

     The best I can do right now is mention them here and urge you to check out their site. If the spirit moves you, you might send them a donation, as I did. I believe that if enough people send even small contributions, it can be a big help.

     To my delight, today I received not only a tax receipt, but a letter from founder Audrey Tournay, giving news of what’s happening at the sanctuary these days. “The bear cubs are all waking up – and just as soon as food is available in the wild, we will be taking the cubs, individually, to remote places where they can live relatively safe lives. The fawns will be released – and the raccoons who were either not old enough or well enough to go last fall, or who have come in during the winter. The squirrels will go, and the porcupine…anyway, life is not dull just now!”

     This is the nicest acknowledgement I’ve ever received from a charity. It makes me feel, in a small way, that I’m part of the community that’s doing good work for our wildlife. I only wish I could do more.

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  • I am trying to locate a phone number for Audrey in Rosseau. I worked with her several years ago and now volunteer at Bel. Heights in Parry Sound. I understand if you can’t provide me with her number, but if she can or is able to contact Marg Walters at 705-746-5871, Pine Floor – I think it is extention 3 for nursing. Marg does not have her own phone, nurses will get her. She is great friends with Lyn Gillespie also.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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