Erin in the Morning: Erin Radio, Erin Montgomery, Erin Eye Opener

     Yikes! I’m just back from giving an interview at Erin Radio to Erin Montgomery on her show, Erin Eye Opener.

     I think I sounded awkward, and I know that I made some mistakes. It was a real conversation as you might have with anyone, with throat clearings and mispronounced words and lost trains of thought. Very unlike writing for publication, where you try to craft each sentence so that it’s perfect. And even different from blogging, which is supposed to be like keeping a diary, but in reality is more restrained and deliberate.

     Erin Montgomery is energetic, extroverted and enthusiastic, just what you need in someone on an early morning show.

     We talked about the magazine and what’s coming up in the fall issue. I know my way around that topic, but what stumped me was what music I wanted to have played. I’m pretty out of touch with current music, so all I could think of on the spot was Amy Winehouse and Bruce Springsteen. I missed my opportunity to promote Canadian and local talent like The Arrogant Worms, Sarah Harmer, Bruce Cockburn and Leonard Cohen. Argh. Well, maybe some other time.

     And it looks like there’ll be another time. I think I’ll be doing another segment about the fall issue in September. And while Erin Radio can only be heard over the radio in a small local area at 101.5 FM, it is streamed via the Internet at .

     We’ll also try to get these segments added to this website so anyone can hear them any time. I think these would be podcasts? New territory for me. Anyway, it looks like Erin Radio is forcing me to learn and do more. Always a good thing.

     So thanks, Erin, for making the radio interview a gentle, easy experience. The rest of you, which do you prefer: radio, TV, magazines or Internet – and why?


  • What a pleasure it was to have Gloria on the show this morning.
    First, I must say I have never interviewed anyone who has come in better prepared.
    I can’t tell you have excited I am to get started on an Escarpment Views Radio program, Which we plan to start airing the first of September.
    Gloria is a wealth of knowledge and very passionate about this great area we live in.
    Gloria, thank you sooooo much.

  • Hello Erin,Good Morning
    This really is a nice surprise ,I knew that you were on the air,but somehow the time as in (what time again?) escaped me .I’m not used to the early early hours of the day,and I’m reading the transcripts of the interview with Gloria,from the Escarpment News Magazine.I’m sorry I missed it for your both just so great at what you do,by making it look and sound so easy and effortless.
    It’s nice to be able to put a face to the voice and in Gloria’s case a face to the writer.
    I remember speaking to her by phone awhile back, in the Summertime,when I had a question about one of the articles pertaining to the American Civil War.Anyways she answered the phone herself and that’s a good thing,then proceeded to make a note to the authour and get back to me with the correct information,and yes ,her writer was correct and I was wrong. It had to do with dates,and the re-enactment of the Canadian and American skirmish(WAR).
    she very politely set me straight. As well, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her Father and Sister when they brought their bicycles in for there annual tune up at THE BICYCLE SHOPPE OF ERIN.
    It’s getting late here in Toronto,my place of rest for the time being, so I’ll say good night and wIll look forward to hearing you.ON THE AIR.Yours truly.
    Patrick J. Casey

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