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Photo by Teresa Seaton
Photo by Teresa Seaton

Here’s a call for artists’ work from Teresa Seaton:



From the wingspan of the largest Condor to the smallest Hummingbird, everything about the anatomy of a bird reflects its ability to fly. The wings are shaped to create lift. The leading edge is thicker than the back edge, and they are covered in feathers that narrow to a point. The tail feathers are used for steering. They have a unique digestive system that allows them to eat as they fly.

Birds have also been a subject for artists in many cultures throughout history. They have symbolized life, death, love, peace, spirituality, freedom, evil, wisdom, vanity, magic, power – they represent nations. It is the bird Kingdoms enormous diversity that brings us to the reason for this call.

We want to hear from you. How have the birds or what they represent influenced your artistic practice?  Is it a theme you return to for comfort or is there a human conflict that is most represented by the abuse of this diminutive creature. From the canaries in the coal mine to the extermination of many species through attrition, man’s relationship with birds is a difficult one. 
What do they mean to you…

“Birds – Adapted for Flight and Fancy” is a three month exhibition running from August 14 to October 26th, 2019.

Teresa Seaton Studio & Gallery
652 Spring Gardens Rd. 
Burlington ON L7T 1J2
Gallery Hours:
Wed – Sat, 11am-5pm
Sun – Tues, by chance or appointment
Cell, (905) 510 5030

Application Deadline 9pm. Feb 23, 2019
No applications will be accepted after this date.

For application download pdf from:


Denis Longchamps
Executive Director of the Waterloo Clay and Glass Gallery (formerly head curator at the Art Gallery of Burlington)

Mary Philpott
A noted functional potter whose work has been inspired by Neo-Gothic architecture and William Morris’ Arts and Craft movement, has in recent years taken her decorative motifs of animals and birds and transformed them into life-sized three dimensional sculptures.
She is the 2015 recipient of the Helen Copeland Award from Craft Ontario for an established artist working in her field.

Chris Bacon
Master wildlife artist from Burlington ON, who devotes himself to the imagery of birds.
Winner of many notable prizes including:
– ‘Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal’. Government of Canada.
– ‘Award of Excellence’. Society of Animal Artists, 52nd Annual Exhibition. (Chris also received this award for the 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 36th, 37th and 38th exhibitions.)

Kim Seldon
Long standing advocate for the Hamilton arts community Kim is also the Key Strategist for Cobalt Connects, Hamilton. A non-profit organization that is the connecting element for creative communities.


Teresa Seaton Studio and Gallery have been successfully exhibiting artists for over 5 years.

Her commission rates are only 25%, the lowest around.

Her Gallery has over 800 square feet of highly visible exhibition space that fronts onto the renowned Royal Botanical Gardens.

The Gallery will be offerring the following prizes. First prize, Second Prize and People Choice awards.

Thanks for your participation and good luck.

Teresa Seaton

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