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Full Details of Our Reader Survey
Mike’s column on the results of the survey was published in our Spring 2016 issue. In this column we told our audience that the “meaty bits” of the survey would be published on our website. To satisfy your statistical curiosity we here present our “meaty bits.” In the Summer and Autumn 2015 issues of Niagara Escarpment Views, a two-page survey was included. The survey was also concurrently run under a web-based application ( Survey respondents with Canadian addresses were given a free copy of the next issue, or if they were already subscribers, their subscription was extended one issue.  There were no other incentives or prizes. The web-based survey had an option selected that excluded multiple responses from the same person.  No duplicate surveys were identified in the mailed subset. By the cut-off, 58 surveys were received, comprising of 39 from the printed magazine and 19 from web-based. Below is a summary from both the paper and web-based results, with some presented in percentages of the total responses for a particular question. Outliers of extra high responses were excluded.  The questions and options are shown, with the response data in bold.
1. How many people usually read your copy of the magazine? 160 responses 2.76 average readers/copy

2. What is the sex and age of each regular reader?
Number of Male readers: 59 responses
Age Range (Mark all that apply)
M 0-17       7%
M 18-35     7%
M 36-50    7%
M 51-65   31%
M >65      49%
Number of Female readers: 76 responses
Age Range (Mark all that apply)
F 0-17         0%
F 18-35       8%
F 36-50      9%
F 51-65      33%
F >65         50%

3. Annual household income:
Up to $50,000            43.6%
$50,000-$100,000    43.6%
More than $100,000  12.7%

4. Your disposable income level:
High       11%
Med       54%
Low        36%

5. Your primary residence:
Rent                               12.3%
Own                               42.1%
Own Mortgage Free   45.6%

6. Your neighbourhood:
Rural               39%
Urban              33%
Suburban       28%

7. Do you own a second home or cottage?
Yes         15%
No          85%

8. How many vehicles in your household? Average number 1.59

9. How did you get your copy of the magazine?
I subscribe                                                                                       36%
I picked it up on my travels                                                         36%
I got it from my favourite place                                                   27%
Someone recommended that I get it from a specific place     0%

10. How much time do you spend on each issue?
I only glance at each issue      0.0%
I enjoy reading parts of it      15.5%
I read it cover to cover           84.5%

11. How long do you keep each issue?
I dispose of it immediately                                                           1.6%
After reading, I pass on each issue to another household   37.5%
I keep each issue for a few months                                           32.8%
I keep each issue indefinitely                                                     28.1%

12. What do you like about the magazine? This was a free-form answer field. Below are many of the responses. Many mentioned they liked our articles and photography with many saying they liked “Everything”. A few like the perception that we did not have many ads or had interesting ads. “It has class – good design, excellent and varied articles, great photography – What else can I say?” “Everything – layout; photos; all articles were of interest” “Gorgeous photography Quality writing” “Local content” “I like reading about things in my area of which I never heard about before!” “All of it” “Stories about places to see. … Makes me think” “Absolutely everything” “Topical articles good journalism along with professional photography” “Photographs and thoughtful articles” “It has a large variety of articles that keeps my interest” “Keeping us informed … Subscription price is quite reasonable” “good quality of paper” “Local history, both natural and human” “all articles are enriching” “I never knew some of these areas existed” “Information I cannot get elsewhere” “Local recognition of amazing areas and of course the pictures” “Inspiring stories…” “My favorite part showing it to a younger generation and letting them see just how beautiful Ontario is”

13.How should we improve the magazine? About one half suggested positive comments to improve our magazine, and the rest saying no change or leaving blank. “It is great now” “Keep doing what you are doing” “Keep up the good work” “excellent as is” “Just keep to what you do” “No change” “Do not change a winning game” “More of the same” “Keep doing exactly what you are doing” “Love it as it is” “it’s fine the way it is” A respondent stated they read the issue cover to cover and added Including the ads! My day trips are often planned just to visit one of your advertisers


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