Summer 2022

On the cover: Brenda Sutherland at Earth Bound Gardens Photo by Mike Davis

View from the Editor’s Desk: A Purpose Revealed By Gloria Hildebrandt
Readers & Viewers
Gazette: Launch of Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Network
Gazette: Free Food When Needed
Gazette: The Market Shoppe Wins Awards
Gazette: Reforming How We Mine Gravel
Gazette: Celebrating the Welland Canal and the Summer Games
Gazette: Sampling For the Time of Humans
Gazette: Shared Bikes to Remain in “The Hammer”
Featured View: Dundas Peak at Summer Solstice Photo by Mike Davis

Seeding for Pollinators Written & Photographed by Rosaleen Egan
Keeping Stories Alive: Debajehmujig Sharings Written & Photographed by Raymond Johns
Earth Bound Gardens: Five Acres to Explore Written by Gloria Hildebrandt  Photographed by Mike Davis
Saving Nottawasaga Lighthouse Written & Photographed by Sandra J. Howe
St. Alban’s Garden of Pollinators Photographed by Chris Miller

View of Land Conservation: Hidden Benefits of Conserving the Escarpment by Bob Barnett

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