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     We’re pretty pleased to announce a new initiative through our subscriptions. Just in time for seasonal gift giving, we’re inviting people to do a good deed for nature along the Niagara Escarpment.
     Here’s the deal: if you take out a subscription, for yourself, friends, family or business associates, we will give $5 from each new subscription to Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC). This is a great charitable organization that works hard and effectively to protect land and natural areas along the Escarpment.  So far, they’ve created nature reserves from Caledon to Manitoulin Island totalling 7,170 acres. The habitat of 57 rare and endangered plant and animal species are now permanently protected. We’re delighted that EBC has agreed to work with us.
     You can subscribe through this page. And when you send your cheque, let us know that you want to support EBC. This month, give the gift of protecting nature along with a year of great features about life near the Escarpment.
     Any comments on whether this initiative makes sense for us?
     Added note: Sue commented that she wondered if this offer is only for new subscriptions, not renewals. I should have made this clear, that renewals SURE ARE eligible. I only meant that subscriptions or renewals from now on can benefit EBC. If you’ve already sent your money, you can’t give this benefit retroactively. That would be an accounting nightmare for Mike. We mean this offer to apply going forward. So if you’re considering renewing, go ahead & specify that you want to benefit EBC!


  • The Conservancy really appreciates this initiative. We find our cost to steward one of our 87 nature reserves runs about $300 a year, so programs to help us “adopt out” our properties make it much easier. Thank you Gloria and Escarpment Views for coming up with this great idea.

  • Gloria, what a great idea, and it certainly fits your magazine profile! Only new subscriptions, though? What about a donation for renewals?

  • Oh, sure, Sue, I did mean to include renewals. When I wrote about new subscriptions I meant to convey a subscription (or renewal) from now on. I only meant that you couldn’t make a retroactive donation from a subscription you’ve already taken out. But definitely, if you’re renewing & want to benefit EBC, we’re all for that.
    I’ll add a clarifying note to the blog post. Thanks, Sue

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