Spring Excitement Over Eastern Pipistrelle Bat

     Our spring issue has been attracting a bit of attention.

     I received this note from Jane Christmas, who is the manager of public and media relations for McMaster University, and also the author of What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim, which I reviewed in Spring 2008: “I just read your Editor’s View, and I loved the way you described a ‘good spring.’ Nicely articulated! And the issue is, as usual, very calming and beautiful.”

     We also received this response to our Eastern Pipistrelle bat photo originally published in our Dec. ’08 issue: “I was happy to see Fiona Reid’s species correction in your latest issue. I work for Conservation Halton on rare species monitoring and inventory. As Fiona indicated, there’s little updated information on this species and it’s very exciting to know there’s still a population at Kelso.” Nigel Finney, Natural Heritage Technician.

     Nigel wants to add “You can help species at risk by reporting your sightings here.

     Thanks, Jane and Nigel, for your comments. We love hearing from readers. And with the warmer weather, perhaps we can get out more and report any species at risk we discover!

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