Spring 2010 Out, But So Are Thieves!

     It’s a case of good news, bad news. The good news: our spring issue has been mailed out to our subscribers, giving them first crack at it as always, and we’re hearing good things about it. One of my nephews particularly likes one of the ads on page 15, so you’ll have to check that out. It may not be to everyone’s taste! Let me know what you think of it.
     We’ve also done something different with our centre spread, but early responses to it are either approving or unconcerned. If our audience doesn’t mind, we may do more of this.
     The bad news is that even in the rural countryside close to the Niagara Escarpment, where it has been safe for decades, thieves are at work. In the middle of the night recently, our cars were opened and an electronic device was stolen. Our border collie security system was off duty, although she clocks in at the slightest sound of a racoon on the verandah. The theft might not have happened had the cars been locked, although there’s the chance that a window could have been smashed during the theft. I would rather have the thief steal without damaging the car. Motion detector lights could have been a deterrent, but they are annoying because they go off even when a racoon, deer or coyote strolls by. I don’t want to scare off wildlife, I choose to live close to them.  
     The police were happy to take my report, even coming by to dust my car for fingerprints, a private, interesting CSI episode in my own driveway! We may not lock our cars, but we no longer leave anything of value in them, either. Beware and be advised: even on the Escarpment, there are some unkind people taking advantage of our easy lifestyle.

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