Seana McKenna, London’s Delmar and The Walzting Weasel, and War Vets

     Last weekend we saw our theatre columnist Seana McKenna in a performance about the lives and work of Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. She read the narration while Susan Platts sang German Lieder to Rena Sharon’s piano accompaniment.

     Mike had invited his Aunt Mac to this, so we picked her up in London. We lunched at the Delmar, a diner that doesn’t seem to have changed since it opened in the ‘50s or ‘60s. Aunt Mac told us she used to go to it when it was just a trailer.

     The Delmar was packed that Sunday. Career waitresses served us quickly and efficiently from a simple menu of good food. We pointed out our feature article by Wally Davis about his WWII experience, and because he had been born in London, the waitress took a supply of copies to give out.

     After the performance in St. Mary’s, we returned to London for supper at The Waltzing Weasel where Aunt Mac’s grandson Chad is manager. When Chad saw the article by his Uncle “Bunt,” he also took a stack of magazines.

     It seems that once you have a connection with London, London remains interested in you. I think Wally Bunt Davis would be pleased.

     Remembrance Day is approaching and I think we’ll attend a ceremony with Wally’s article to give out. There are fewer WWII vets alive each year and their memories are important to capture and value. I think Wally Bunt Davis would agree.

     What are your thoughts about small towns, Remembrance Day or war veterans?

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  • This comment came directly to me instead of through this blog.

    As a kid growing up in small town Saskatchewan, my Dad was always one of the ones that carried one of the Wreaths into the town hall. They always had a ceremony and we always had the day off school. Everyone went to the Hall and had a ceremony with bagpipes, then they had coffee sandwiches and sweets. Now a days I try to attend a ceremony at the Legion, it reminds me of my father, who has long since passed away. He was called up for duty but was sent home because he was the only son on a farm. I have a small gold bible that opens, that has the Lord’s Prayer in it. It was attached to a pocket watch that my father was given with his regiment. I still have the watch also and it still works.
    Myrna Brayford

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