Rick Grant’s May Photos from RBG

In the Summer 2019 issue we were happy to publish some of Rick Grant’s wildlife photography, on page 54. Here is a selection of more of Rick’s photos, from his visits to Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, this May. First, we have some amazing photos of birds. Can you identify them? Use the comments for the names.

Here’s a view of Coote’s Paradise with the trees heavy with gorgeous blossoms:

A rabbit caught snacking: does it look angry or happy?

And here are only some of the many kinds of fungus that Rick spotted on his walk:

What do you think of Rick’s photos? Do you have good views to share?


  • thanks you did justice to my pictures

    • Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

  • Rick Grant …. not your typical amateur photographer.
    EXCELLENT at capturing wildlife and nature scenes.
    I’m a big fan.

    • He does have a knack for getting great portraits of birds & animals, doesn’t he?

  • Beautiful photos as always

  • Wow! They are such beautiful photos of nature that exists all around us. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  • Rick you have a fantastic eye for photography.

  • After looking at Rick’s “majestic” photo’s, you stop and realize how much beauty there is around us! Thank You for sharing!

  • Beautiful photos Rick. So glad you share them with all of us.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Is this the Rick grant that used to live in Ottawa in the 1960s on the Ottawa river in Britannia?

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