Reading and Taking Action on Escarpment Views!

     It’s quite something to see that people are reading my writing and taking action!

     I wanted to make sure that Barbara, the person I mentioned in my summer letter from the editor, had a copy of the issue, so I went to drop it off in her mailbox. As I opened the mailbox, I was surprised to see a copy of summer Escarpment Views with a big yellow sticky note on it. I couldn’t resist reading it. It said something like “Barbara, you’re named in the editor’s letter. You’re famous!”

     It made me realize, again, that people are really actually reading our magazine. I should know that by now. It shouldn’t surprise me any more. Last week Mike was asked to sell a print of his central photo. Just this morning I got an email from a stranger saying he – and it is a he – “received a copy and read it cover to cover. Excellent stories.”

     What’s significant about this reader being male is that magazine readers in general are overwhelmingly female. Yet we seem to have almost as many male readers as female. Apparently, we also interest adolescents, young adults and “tweens.” Mike has seen the teenaged children of a friend of his, being absorbed in a issue of the magazine. I was startled recently to see Mike’s young papergirl walking down the street reading our RevWear fashion article.

     This is all welcome, great news. Still, it took me aback to see that someone else had read my editor’s letter and passed it on to Barbara before I had a chance to. I’m not yet taking anything for granted, so every instance of someone paying attention to our magazine is worth celebrating.


  • Neat!
    (another) Barbara

  • Today, I ran into someone who had read my advice about creating dressings! She said that she never knew that just shaking oil and vinegar together was not necessarily enough. My little tid bit of knowledge empowered her to get out a bowl and whisk and get experimenting in her own kitchen. That to me is taking worthwhile action!

    I can’t wait to hear of her new salad dressing inventions.

  • Misty, that’s exactly what I was hoping from your column. Whenever you teach me something about cooking, it’s eye opening and lets me make some progress toward being a decent cook. Thanks to your advice about how to “build a soup,” I am not too bad at making a variety of soups from scratch, without a recipe, and from what I have on hand. I’m thrilled that your column is starting to reveal these kind of “secrets” about good cooking to a wide audience.

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