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Summer time & the living means bugs! Here is some info from our advertiser Phantom Screens:

Homeowners often put a great deal of thought, money and effort into selecting the doors and windows for their home, yet don’t give screening these openings a second thought!  Sunlight and fresh air are two of the most important building blocks of life, and letting them into a residence is both pleasing and healthy, making selecting screens a critical design consideration.
Conventional screens tend to compromise the beauty of a home, block the views, diminish natural daylight, and make routine window cleaning difficult.  Phantom Screens’ retractable screens retract out of sight when not in use and are a beautiful alternative to old-fashioned, framed screens.  Phantom’s screens offer a discreet solution which integrates perfectly with your home’s trim, keeping virtually hidden when not in use.

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Here are a few great reasons to use Phantom’s retractable screens.
Let in more natural light by retracting unused screens
Phantom Screens allow you to enjoy uninterrupted views when the screens are retracted, and let in fresh air without the worry of letting flying insects into your home.  Traditional screen mesh typically blocks 30% of the light coming through an opening, so why have screens present when they are not needed?

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Let in fresh air while keeping out insects out
Cross-ventilation is one of the best ways to reduce your dependence on air cooling systems and lower energy costs.  Phantom’s Serene window screens are perfect for bringing cool breezes in while keeping flying pests out.   With environmental concerns at the forefront for so many homeowners these days, this is a simple way to contribute to a greener planet.
Phantom’s retractable screens pull or lower into place when needed and retract out of sight when not in use.  Phantom’s wide variety of mesh offerings provide UV shading options for windows and custom applications, effectively reducing solar heat gain while offering a range of UV/sun blockage choices, including the option of 100% sun/UV blockage.
Preserve the look and design of your home
Phantom Screens are available for virtually any opening – in-swing doors, out-swing doors, sliding glass doors, windows and large openings such as patios or decks.  Various mesh options accommodate virtually any colour scheme and offer both insect protection and sun blockage.
Phantom Screens® new, whisper quiet Legacy door screen, features a new, ergonomic and intuitive Latch & Release handle with smooth operating slidebar.  This aesthetically pleasing and innovative new design eliminates the need for a magnetic closure.  Legacy introduces so many included features that it has become the new benchmark for the retractable screening industry.

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Motorized Screens add additional living space to your home
A recent architectural trend is to bring the outside in through creating outdoor kitchens, dining rooms or sitting areas that extend living space out into the back yard, garden or pool area.  Phantom’s Executive Screens are motorized retractable screens which can dramatically increase the usability of these spaces by enclosing the area at the touch of a button!  Executive Screens can be recessed into the beams or walls of a building, thereby staying truly hidden when fully retracted.

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Executive Screens can be programmed to come down and retract with sun and wind sensors, and be connected to home automation system to have the screens come down at a specific time of day, providing ideal versatility.
Phantom’s professional installation is the ideal way to ensure that design and size requirements are met and that the screens are properly installed for longevity of the parts, finishes and mesh.  Look at your screening differently! Call 1-888-PHANTOM or visit and enjoy your home even more with Phantom Screens.

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Holly Attfield is an architectural technologist and project manager with Ontario Screen Systems Inc., Ontario’s distributor of Phantom Screens.  For more information, visit or call 1-888-PHANTOM.


  • WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER GUY? Since Phantom’s inception in 1992, they have been the leader in revolutionizing retractable screens. There are many retractable screens available today, some are good, some are better, and then there is the best and Phantom’s sales cover 85% of all retractable screens installed in North America. That’s a lot of screens!

  • Phantom’s Distinction Retracable Screen Solutions&#8482 are pleated retractable screens for large doorways. Featuring one of the lowest profile bottom rails, these screens are perfect for high traffic areas.

  • Phantom Screens offers the largest Authorized Distributor network in the North American industry. These companies handle all sales, service, and installation calls. You can contact your local Authorized Distributorship by dialing 1-888-PHANTOM or visiting the Phantom Screens website . Phantom’s retractable screens can also be found at many retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Our retractable Phantom door screens and several DIY screens are available at most Lowe’s stores in the United States and Home Depot stores in Canada.

  • Great information! These screens are not only incredibly functional but help let in so much more light.

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