Name Change to Niagara Escarpment Views!

We are changing the name of our great magazine to Niagara Escarpment Views! The new name better reflects our vision of reflecting the entire Niagara Escarpment in Ontario. Google might like us better, too.
It will still have the same dedicated, hard-working, talented, (crazy?) owners and publishers, Mike Davis and Gloria Hildebrandt. The same great content that you tell us you enjoy so much. Everywhere we go along the Niagara Escarpment, from Niagara Falls to Meldrum Bay on Manitoulin Island, we hear the same: we love your magazine. The photography is amazing. We keep it for ages. And we’re delighted to note that most subscription orders we now get are for two years.
And from advertisers: People really like this magazine. Copies don’t last long. Can you give us any more? On Thanksgiving Day we were in Tobermory, where one advertiser told us “Your magazine does more for me than an ad in The Toronto Star.”
Enough already. We’ll stop showing off. We’re making ourselves blush! Now over to you. What do you think of the name change to Niagara Escarpment Views?

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  • Here’s a comment we received from Ursula Vielkind who asked me to post it for her:

    The new name not only sounds great, it is also more accurate.
    Local people know what the “Escarpment” stands for, but I believe the new name will give you better name recognition. Visitors from around the world will remember it because they will immediately associate the magazine’s name with the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. (You don’t need “ein Aha-Erlebnis” when seeing the magazine somewhere –> “Aha, that Escarpment Views magazine must be about the NIAGARA Escarpment …”)
    My 5 cents 🙂

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