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As we show in the Winter issue of Niagara Escarpment Views, Mike Davis, co-publisher and principal photographer, took interesting photographs while on the Credit Valley Explorer train ride. One of the photos went “viral” and was picked up by The Toronto Star and other newspapers. Here is his update with recent photos of the train trestle and the area where the wedding party had illegally parked.


From below, this is the train trestle where the wedding party had been walking. It is a dangerously high trestle and would be a long way to fall!


This is the trestle from below. The standoff at the top of the photo was the only safe place to be. The wedding party on the tracks was in danger!


Shortly after the dangerous incident with the wedding party on the train trestle, barricades were erected! This area near the tracks was where the wedding party’s limo had been parked.


This is my photo that was published in The Toronto Star (front page Sept 17 2014) and other community papers. To see more of the photos of this incident, see our winter issue.


This is the first photo I took of the wedding party. It looked like some of the party were on the standoff (the only safe place on the trestle!)


This is a train employee confronting the limo parked illegally beside the tracks, before the barricades were installed.  Eleven photos and a story of this incident appear in our winter issue.



  • So what happened to these trespassing idiots? Did the OPP charge them with trespassing or anything at all?
    A good thing to remember is ” Any time is train time, stay OFF the tracks!”

  • Why would any business jeopardize their livelihood thru tragic events on the whims of idiotic ideas from patrons. Limo drivers have the means of contacting their offices and the discretion of refusal, since they are at the controls. No business in their right mind would ever entertain such recklessness with possible endangerment.
    Sadly, in this case, the driver was no better than the limo’s occupants. The driver and the business should be included in the charges for trespassing. This blatant and total disregard of signage warnings and associated dangers is all too common in our society.

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