Kubota’s Contest Closes Oct. 31!

     Anyone with a farm, rural property or acreage might love Kubota’s utility vehicle. It’s great for hauling equipment, building materials, hay or firewood over rough terrain without the need for an attached wagon. The Kubota RTV 500-V [oops — I’ve been informed it should be RTV500-A] is the grand prize in a draw that closes Oct. 31.

     One challenge about this draw is that you actually have to win twice: first, your name must be drawn to win a pedal toy tractor – not a bad prize on its own – and then you have to win the second draw for the grand prize.

     To enter the contest, fill in the form that’s in the Kubota newsletter in the centre of the Autumn issue of Escarpment Views. Drop it off at your nearest Kubota dealer  and hope that you’re twice lucky!

     Who do you know who would like the toy tractor, and what would you do with the utility vehicle if you won?

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  • We have a 1/4 mile driveway into our country haven. I’d outfit the Kabota with a snow removal attachment. Then we wouldn’t have to walk into our property.
    There is a young lad who lives in Huntsville and I know that he would love a Kubota “toy”. Wouldn’t we all?

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