Impassioned Plea From Reader to Save Dogs

Joe 2

The play Beautiful Joe features Ryan Boyko as “Joe” and Mackenzie Muldoon as “Laura.”

Thank you so much for your amazing magazine Niagara Escarpment Views! I would never have found out about Beautiful Joe and Meaford’s Beautiful Joe Park. Your article, “A Place for Joe”, tears were rolling down my face when I read it. I will contact the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society as well. Maybe in time when I can afford it, maybe it will be possible to place a plaque there to remember the helpless street dogs in Sochi who were slaughtered by a private “killing” company hired by the Sochi government ‘to prepare for the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. I will write a personal letter to President Putin as well to voice my “outrage”and I have also signed the letter attached. In my personal letter to President Putin I will quote the words of Margaret Marshall Saunders in honour and memory of Margaret and Beautiful Joe, her message being “Be kind to dumb animals not only because you will lose nothing by it, but because you ought to; for they were placed on earth by the same Kind Hand that made all living creatures”. Tears again were rolling down my face when I read this Gloria. As I mentioned, if I could Boycott The Olympics I would, if I could get to Sochi, Russia to try and be the voice for these helpless street dogs I’d be waving signs. I absolutely love the Olympics. As soon as I heard what the Sochi government is doing on CNN I threw my Sochi pins in the garbage and turned off my TV. I will have nothing to do with supporting the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This is being done to clean up their streets so the Olympic games can go on. These dogs are convulsing in the streets, some of them for hours after being poisoned, dying excrutiating deaths. I CAN HEAR THESE DOGS CRYING OUT FOR HELP!!! IS ANYONE LISTENING AND GOING TO HELP THEM? OR WILL PEOPLE JUST IGNOR IT BECAUSE THEY ARE DUMB ANIMALS AND ARE CONSIDERED TRASH. THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS DO NOT SPAY AND NEUTERED THEIR DOGS SO THE PUPPIES BORN AS A RESULT OF THIS WILL GROW UP ON THE STREETS. LET’S BE THE VOICE AND SPEAK FOR THESE STREET DOGS!!!!
ven some of the Olympians I heard are coming to the aid of some of these dogs to help in anyway, but these dogs will probably still die. At least someone is trying to do something. What is the western world going to do about this? Are we going to condone this? Is this just yesterday’s new story and we ignore it to watch the Olympics? Well I am not watching the Olympics at all. I am going to pass this letter out to as many as I can, those who have not heard what is going on over there. I am now a member of PETA, a world organization to help animals all over the world. I will proudly do what I can to be their voice with help from the PETA team International.
Thank you Gloria for spreading the word and bringing awareness to the Beautiful Joe Park in Meaford, Ontario Canada. I will pass this on to all I know. I can’t wait to visit there and pay my respects, especially to Beautiful Joe and Margaret Marshall Saunders. We will carry the torch for them both to bring awareness to animal welfare all over the world and how we as caring citizens can help.

Brenda Townson, Burlington, Ontario

Here’s some information about the play “Beautiful Joe:”

Beautiful Joe

live perfessonal theatre

May 14 to 17, 7:30pm

May 17, 2pm matinee

$26.50 adult  $11.50 student                              

The Grey-Bruce Arts Collective, in association with the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society presents the World Premier of “Beautiful Joe” adapted from Margaret Marshall Saunders’ novel of the same name by acclaimed playwright, Michael O’Brien. Meaford’s own canine hero comes to life in a play with a decidedly clear, passionate message— but above all, it is a moving, funny, heart-warming tale for the whole family—set in a distinctly Canadian landscape.

Tickets are actually not up for sale  yet, but if they call the box office (877-538-0463) we can put them on a waiting list and call them when it does go up for sale.


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