If You Can Get Escarpment Views for Free, Why Subscribe?

     We’re on standby here, waiting for the printer’s call to say that the first copies of the summer issue are ready. We’re updating our mailing list, and this reminds me to explain again why you would bother to subscribe if you can get a copy for free from our advertisers.

     We value the support of our subscribers and we make sure you are among the very first to get each issue in your mail. You don’t have to leave your home because you’ll get Escarpment Views at your door!

     As a plus, if you provide your email address, we’ll notify you about free tickets and other offers that we occasionally make available through this website. The value of what you could receive can be far more than the cost of your subscription.

     Right now there’s another reason to subscribe before July 1 and that is to beat the HST! Subscriptions for four great keeper issues are $21 before July 1 and $22 after. You can save even more by subscribing for two years at $36.75! After July 1 it will cost $39.50.

     First crack at each issue. No need to leave your home for it. Free online giveaways. Saving money. Four good reasons to get four great issues a year!

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