Georgetown’s 2018 Rock’n’Roll Classics

By Chris Miller

The 19th annual Rock‘n’Roll Classics was held in downtown Georgetown on a beautiful summer evening on August 24. In all the years I have been to this show I think it was the largest display of classic cars they ever had. From the real oldies, to huge American beauties with giant wings from the ‘60s, to many convertibles and quite a few hot rods and sports cars, it was spectacular. There must have been close to 300 cars jamming every street in the downtown core. Music was playing and great food from many restaurants and cafes was being taken out into the streets.
Here is a sample of some of the great vehicles on display.

“Modern technology” in a 59 Ford hardtop convertible. Yes, and even a little bit of trunk space when the top is down.


A beautiful Caddy!


A Chev from back to front. Not so popular but definitely unique.


‘64 Pontiac Parisian Safari. Nine-seater with rear-facing third seat, a pre-empt of today’s SUV!!


What a cool hot rod, ‘30s vintage.


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