Escarpment Views Flies Out Advertisers’ Locations!

We’ve been starting to get responses to our summer issue. Some of them are so interesting that I hope we’ll have room to publish them on our letters page.

     As for other reactions, we’ve had praise for the centre photo spread, as we always do, and Mike enjoys bragging that he’s sleeping with his centrefold model. She’s cute and has a great tail, but is very hairy, with a wet black nose and four paws, in case you’re wondering.

     We’ve heard from people whose gardens we featured. “Look at my garden!” one of them told Mike. “It doesn’t look that way now.” Well, we know how gardens change from week to week. And the gardener was seen proudly showing other people her photo. An aquaintance of mine emailed that she wants to be in the garden on the cover. Someone stopped us on the street to say to Mike “You take photos underwater now too?” A Chamber of Commerce in the Georgian Bay area of the Niagara Escarpment told us that it’s a wonderful magazine and they’re proud to display it.

     One of our advertisers wrote “Wow!” and that she loved the variety of articles. When she makes up “goodie bags,” she includes copies of Escarpment Views. What a great idea!

     Other people have reported that copies are “flying” out of their locations. I’ve heard that readers are planning to go to some of the places that have been advertised in our magazine, because they’ve only learned about them from their ads with us. Mike had someone tell him that after seeing a restaurant ad in our issue, the man remembered “That’s a great place. Excellent fish and chips.”

     But we’re already getting busy with our Autumn issue. We’d love to get your events for our calendar covering Sept. 1 to Dec. 1. Send them to us for free listings in print, on this website, or both.

     And if you want to advertise your business, festival, event or service in our Autumn issue, get back to us or your local sales rep. Our ad space reservations will close July 25. You’ll have until Aug. 1 for the final artwork. Be part of our great Autumn issue and you can share in the interest our next issue will generate!


Do you have anything to share about what you liked or didn’t like about our summer issue?
If you’d like to get your own free copy, pick one up from one of our advertisers near you, or contact us for your free trial issue.

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