200th Anniversary of Battle of Queenston Heights

Here are some photos taken by Mike Davis, of the 200th anniversary events commemorating the Battle of Queenston Heights on Oct. 13.

Bill Mertens of Beamsville, who is of Mohawk, Scottish & Irish descent, portrays a Mohawk warrior in 1812.
Shaun Majumder of CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes was spotted by Mike in the media area at the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Queenston Heights.
With sword held high, a re-enactor portrays Sir Isaac Brock marching into battle - and to his death.
The British in their redcoats managed to hold off the invading Americans on Queenston Heights in 1812.
Hundreds of men, women & children participated as re-enactors of the Battle of Queenston Heights.
Mike and Shaun Majumder, taking his assignment very seriously as a war zone reporter complete with bullet-proof vest and an enormous Press sign.
Shaun interviews someone in Muslim garb as a man wearing a horse-head mask strolls by.
Sally Greenaway of New Zealand is a descendant of Isaac Brock's brother and the 4th great-grand niece of Brock.

Were you there? What was your experience? Are you a history buff?


  • Awesome pictures, Mike. I can’t wait to see the This Hour Has 22 Minutes sequence for this one.

  • Us too, Chris! By the way, everyone else, Chris wrote & took the photos for our fabulous feature on Isaac Brock and the Battle in our current Autumn issue. Now available at your favourite pick-up location, or from us by mail, and on our website in December.

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