Working on Winter

We’re in the middle of finalizing and proofing the Winter issue before it goes to print. This is when the considerable work that goes into publishing one of our issues can be wasted by haste and carelessness. It takes time and effort to get the best possible layout, and then to catch every mistake and typo.
     Back and forth go the drafts until it’s hard to know which changes have been done and which are still to do. But we make progress, taking steps that get us closer to the quality we want, producing something that we’ll be proud to distribute for the next three months, and display at festivals and community events for years.
     Knowing that we’re not creating next week’s recycling discards adds pressure to get it right, so that we, as well as our readers, can live with it for a long time. Right now, I’ve got to go, as the clock’s ticking and I have a bunch more fixes that need to be made…

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