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     You would think that as editor of Escarpment Views magazine, I would have plenty of opportunity to write about what’s important. Well yes and no. After publishing our first four issues, a year’s worth for a quarterly, I’m only finding there’s much more to communicate.

     So then we had our Web guru, Joan Donogh of In-Formation-Design, set up this blog. I highly recommend Joan. Her work is elegant and effective. She creates Web sites that work the way they were intended to: they’re easy to update yourself.

     It will be great to have an online vehicle for worthwhile subjects that can’t make it into an issue of the magazine or are worth another mention. There are so many interesting things happening that our print version alone doesn’t seem to be enough.

     Recently, my co-publisher Mike Davis and I attended the first eco:partners networking event hosted by smart Centre Oakville in their dealership as a way to introduce the smart eco:partners program, which they describe as “a mutually beneficial partnership that rewards businesses, organizations and government entities in the Oakville and Milton area for their eco-awareness and concern for our environment.” There is a page on their site explaining the program in detail.

     We enjoyed meeting some people we know as well as some people for the first time. Mike even won a fabulous door prize of a basket of organic treats donated by Whole Foods Market of Oakville. We think this eco-partners initiative is an interesting idea. Why not check it out for your own business?

     This blog is also meant to provide a way for everyone to participate more directly and quickly. Feel free to add your comments and announce your events and accomplishments. Let’s see where this blog leads in the recognition of the community of people who love Niagara Escarpment lifestyles and attitudes. What are your views?

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