What to do in a Car Crash

Here is some useful info from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, about what to do if involved in a vehicle collision.

Whether the accident you are involved in is large or small, the situation can be very stressful and overwhelming. The first thing to do if you are involved in any sort of accident is to remain calm. Call 911 immediately if someone is hurt, you believe the other driver is a dangerous offender or if there is significant damage to either vehicle.
Immediately move your car off the main roadway and turn on your hazard lights. Most importantly, never admit fault of the accident, sign any documents regarding fault or promise to pay for the damages. On site, remember to take down the following information:

•           Date, time, location and road/weather conditions;

•           A brief description of what you believe happened;

•           The driver’s name, driver’s licence number, address and telephone number;

•           The owner’s name, driver’s licence number, address and telephone number;

•           The vehicle make, model, year and licence plate number;

•           A description of the damage on each vehicle; and

•           The driver’s insurance company name, policy number, broker name and policy expiration.

Following the accident, call your insurance broker immediately to complete an accident report. Getting your broker involved from the beginning is essential. They will go over your policy with you in detail and get in contact with your insurance company immediately for the issue to be resolved.
Check with your broker to see if they offer the iCompanion app. This mobile app allows you to contact your broker directly to report an accident, take photos, report claims and more. Contact your local broker for assistance in downloading the app today – it’s free. For more information or to contact a broker, visit www.ibao.org.

 The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a ‘not for profit’ association that represents and serves the interests of over 12,000 independent Property & Casualty Insurance Brokers in the Province of Ontario. For information about IBAO, visit www.ibao.org or www.ibao.org/news to receive timely news and information updates. You can also follow IBAO on Twitter or join the IBAO Facebook Fan Page.

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