Westfield’s Fairy Tale Persists

     We have an important update from Westfield Heritage Village, near Rockton, about their fairy photo that we blogged about in Oct. Some of you were as intrigued as I was, and now, after some further inquiries, and more time has passed, they are sharing the photo with us! Look carefully to see the faint but large wings on the fairy’s back.
     Is it real or a hoax? Even Westfield isn’t saying for sure, so here it is. Either way, it’s beautiful, no?
Westfield Heritage Village's fairy, photographed by David White


  • The photo was taken by David White, a volunteer at Westfield. He had his antique camera out taking photos prior to their Halloween event. This was taken upstairs in the Gillen House. Fact or Fiction… you decide!Thanks Escarpment Views and reader Grant for asking. You can see a photo of David and his antique camera on the original blog post here.

  • This story has stayed with people, so thanks for generously sharing this amazing photo with us, Chris.

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