We’re Not Junk Mail

By Gloria Hildebrandt, co-publisher & editor

We’ve recently had some prospective advertisers ask us for exact numbers of copies we distribute in their particular areas. Hmm, I thought, they don’t get it. They don’t get us. Then I wrote this response:

We need to clarify what’s unique about Niagara Escarpment Views magazine.

If you’re hoping for an advertising vehicle that is distributed to every household in your area, you want unaddressed junk mail such as a local newspaper, not our high-quality magazine. If you’ve seen our magazine, you know it’s not like all the other print publications that fight for attention but get recycled swiftly.

Our distribution method is not to blanket an area but to have readers choose to get each copy, whether by pick up in an advertiser’s location or by subscription, at $22 a year. Because of the beautiful photography and fascinating articles, our magazine is requested and sought out. Our successful advertisers know that having free copies of the magazine to give out will drive repeat traffic to their locations as people look for copies for themselves and others.

We have a very high percentage of repeat advertisers, because they see the value of continuing to advertise. People come to rely on them having the magazine to give out, so they choose to give those advertisers their business, while getting a free copy at the same time.

So it depends on what you’re after: going rapidly into everyone’s recycling bins, or having long-term exposure through being associated with the high quality of Niagara Escarpment Views.

But don’t take our word for it. See what people tell us in their own words, at Why Advertise With Niagara Escarpment Views – Niagara Escarpment Views (neviews.ca) and People Respond – Niagara Escarpment Views (neviews.ca) .

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