Vote on May 2

Remember to vote on Monday May 2. Take the time to get organized this week. If you didn’t receive a Voter Information Card, call your riding office & check that you’re on the voter’s list & make sure you know the location where you are supposed to vote. If you aren’t registered, try to do this ahead of time. If you can’t, get to your polling station early on May 2 so you have time to register. Note the kind of ID they’ll ask to see before you vote: a driver’s licence is great. If you don’t drive, bring two other pieces of ID: one government-issued card and something with your address on it (a bill or statement is good). Don’t expect things to go smoothly if you wait until 8:30 pm on voting day! If you’ve gone to the wrong location, you might not get to the correct place in time to cast your vote. A bit of time spent this week ensuring your vote, can save you a lot of aggravation on Monday. You can get more information about voting at Elections Canada.

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