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What’s in Our Spring 2020 Issue

In his first feature article for us, Joe D. Shorthouse, professor of entomology, or the study of insects, teaches us about the only three wild, native roses that grow near the Escarpment. Joe’s feature and beautiful photos show and tell us everything we need to know to identify them, even though they look remarkably alike. […]Read More

New Aggregate Proposal

News release just received: The Ontario government is supporting growth of communities by proposing to improve the way aggregate resources are managed, ensuring a fair and balanced approach. Based on feedback from an Aggregate Summit held in March 2019, as well as survey and email submissions, the province is releasing a proposal that aims to […]Read More

What to Expect in Summer 2019

We’re rapidly approaching the end of preparations for our Summer issue. We have to close our ad space reservations at the end of this week, although we have until early May to finalize all the actual ads themselves. Our editorial features have already been completed, and they look powerful. We have a couple of “watery” […]Read More

Niagara Falls’ Whirlpool Aero Car Repair

Niagara Parks will soon replace all six of the steel support ropes which carry the more-than 100-year-old Whirlpool Aero Car across the Niagara Gorge each year, treating visitors to some of the most incredible views available of the Niagara River Whirlpool below. As part of the ongoing, rigorous maintenance that occurs at the Whirlpool Aero […]Read More

Clearview Side Road 26/27 Proposed Reconstruction

We received the following letter from George Powell, Vice Chair of Watershed Action Group, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust  Foundation. This was written to The Creemore Echo newspaper in Creemore, and concerns a proposed quarry haul route.  Re: Clearview Side Road 26/27 Proposed Reconstruction                 The mission of the Blue MountainWatershed Trust is to “Preserve and Enhance the […]Read More

Audit of Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

This news release by the NDP just in: On Wednesday morning, Welland NDP MPP Cindy Forster’s motion before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts calling for the Auditor General to conduct a full audit into the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) was passed. With the passing of the motion, the Auditor General can move forward […]Read More

Don Sankey photographs

Don Sankey is another photographer who entered our photo contest. Here are his submissions. Of Inglis Falls, Don writes “A beautiful waterfall located at the edge of Owen Sound. A popular tourist site that captures the beauty of the Escarpment. I enjoy hiking the Bruce Trail that is located beside the falls.” “This Georgian Bay […]Read More

Photographs by Wendy Jenkinson

Wendy Jenkinson has entered these photos in our contest. Wendy notes “I saw four beautiful white-tailed deer coming up on the Escarpment behind Brock University in St.Catharines. We all were surprised to see each other.” “My three friends and I were very surprised and amazed to see this cute fawn sleeping in Heartland Forest near […]Read More

Photographs by Greg Coman

Here are entries to our photo contest by Greg Coman. Greg Coman’s recommendation: “Book yourself a campsite at Stormhaven Backcountry Campround in Bruce Peninsula National Park, so you can linger and watch the sun go down.” “A  familiar spot,” notes Greg, “yet still awe inspiring every time. Overhanging Point in Bruce Peninsula  National Park.” “The […]Read More