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Smoking Outdoors

This news just in: Starting in 2020, all forms of smoking will be prohibited in all conservation areas and other outdoor spaces owned and managed by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA), except in parking lots. The restriction on smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing any form of tobacco, smoking, using medical and non-medical cannabis […]Read More

Prevent Frozen Water Lines at Home

The City of St. Catharines has good advice for all, not just its own residents: Winter has arrived but it’s not too late to prepare your home for the cold temperatures. One of the lesser-known effects of cold weather is the potential for the extreme cold to freeze underground utilities like water lines. Water lines […]Read More

Create Healthy Yards in Milton

Want to upgrade your yard, but don’t know where to start? Conservation Halton is offering a series of four free workshops in May to help Milton homeowners create a healthy yard and understand the impact of their yards and neighbourhoods on local water quality. Conservation Halton has assembled a team of experts who will lead […]Read More

Email from Cuba!

     At first, not being able to read much Spanish, we thought the email was spam. But we could understand enough to wonder if it could possibly be intended for us personally. But who would write us from Cuba? People at the high school where Mike gave some copies of our Spring issue? Then Mike […]Read More

How to Thank Cubans

Here is the final part of the great Cuban adventure: The Cuban family that rescued Mike and me (Gloria) when we crashed our rented motor scooter refused to accept any money, although they looked like they could use some desperately.      The next day, after we had been looked after at the hospital, Mike announced […]Read More

Cuban Healthcare

This is the continuation of the post called “The Generosity of Cuban People.” After the motor scooter accident, I was relieved to see the ambulance. After waiting more than two hours with a bleeding hole in my knee, I looked forward to being put on a soft stretcher and getting some immediate attention. Like maybe […]Read More

The Generosity of Cuban People

Above photo taken by Mike Davis! Mike and I (Gloria) had a wonderful week off in Cuba in mid February, until two days before we returned home. We took a motor scooter into the remote countryside far from any town or tourist resort, to a cave that Mike had heard about. We didn’t get there. […]Read More

Lucky Lou Gets Game by Sarah Yates

     Before I review Sarah Yates’ latest book, I feel I have to declare my bias. I have been friends with Sarah ever since the early 1980s, when we both lived in Toronto and were members of the Periodical Writers’ Association of Canada (PWAC). I met Sarah when I was a new member, when she […]Read More

24th Annual Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

     Here’s a post by Mike about what he did on the weekend: I was out and about on June 5 on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner in Toronto and ran into some of our Escarpment-area residents and other notable people.   Hon. Kathleen Wynne rode in the event. She also happens to […]Read More

Gala Fundraiser for Wellspring Cancer Support Centre/Chinguacousy

Read this and WIN! Here’s a post about a great cause – a fundraising event for Wellspring Cancer Support Centre/Chinguacousy. And as thanks for reading this and passing the info on to your friends, you could win a gift basket generously provided by The Belfountain General Store. Just post a comment and we’ll enter you […]Read More