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Visiting Tobermory: Photos and a Guest Post by John Hoelzl

Tobermory is a unique place located on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula rich with natural beauty, amazing scenery, and a strong maritime history. A collection of old and new caters to a wide variety of interests: a national park, private campgrounds, hotels, motels, cottages, shops, restaurants, boat tours, dive shops, shipwrecks, Fathom Five National […]Read More

What’s Hot from Autumn 2019

Content from our Autumn 2019 issue is now available for free here on our website. Our cover story was Art Weaver’s beautiful and controversial (!) look at Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. See the Readers & Viewers section of Winter 2019-20 to see what all the fuss was about. We may even have lost a good […]Read More

Extra Events from Spring

So much is happening along the Niagara Escarpment! Here are a few photos that couldn’t fit into our Summer 2016 issue. All photos by Mike Davis. Mark Cullen signed copies of his new book, The New Canadian Garden, at Canada Blooms in Toronto on March 15. Is that a copy of Niagara Escarpment Views on […]Read More

Are You a Plover Lover?

  The Piping Plover, an endangered species, should be returning to Lake Huron’s shoreline within the next two weeks. This will be the eighth year in a row that this small shorebird has nested on Bruce County beaches. Last year there were five nests. To assist with the recovery and ongoing protection of this species, Stewardship […]Read More

Concerns for the Monarch Butterflies

We recently received a comment by Laurie Adams of E’Terra, in response to a posting from last year, about the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy’s [EBC] 2012 Monarch Butterfly Festival. You can see that post and Laurie’s recent comment here. But because that posting from last year is unlikely to be seen by anyone now unless they search […]Read More

Using Up Nature

The following is an opinion piece by Arlene Kennedy of Tobermory. We’re pleased to post it in full here.      True confession…I am beginning to suspect that I am a megalomaniac. I like big ideas, overarching theories and the “big picture,” both figuratively and literally, since as an art collector I own several rather large […]Read More