Standing Rock Feature Included in Craigleith Heritage Collection

Recently, we were asked by The Blue Mountains Public Library – Craigleith Heritage Depot, to include a feature article from Summer 2011, in their online collection of materials about Indigenous history and culture that are local to their area, which is between the Niagara Escarpment and southern Georgian Bay.

The article is “The Mysteries of Ekarenniondi,” by Ken Haigh. This explores the significance of the “standing rock” at the base of the Escarpment, that First Nations saw as spiritually important. Mike Davis’ photo of that rock illustrates this post.

This is not the first or only time there has been interest in our issues from years ago. We take pride in creating editorial content that has high quality and relevance over a long time. We often have people purchasing back issues through this site. We’re happy to have this feature in the educational collection, after ensuring that the author Ken Haigh gave copyright permission.

The feature is actually a bit hidden. I’m listing a lot of their links here. First, if you just want to see our feature, click here.

Here’s a direct link to our same feature on their site: Open Access – Other Online Resources (

Their catalogue description of the feature is interesting and is at this page: Open Access – Mysteries of Ekarenniondi “The Rock that Stands Out” (

For people who are browsing from the beginning of the digital collection, the first page of their Indigenous History and Culture collection is here: Open Access – Indigenous History and Culture (

Down this page is a tab for Other Online Resources which leads to the group of materials of which our feature is a part: Open Access – Other Online Resources ( On this page is the link to our feature, with a “Highlight” slash across the photo, a nice touch.

So it’s a bit of a labyrinth to go through to get to our feature, but it is gratifying to be included in this collection and we hope it proves interesting and educational to future explorers of their site.

Do you remember reading this feature before? Another feature on the history of Indigenous people is “Quest for Quartzite: Aboriginal Ancestors at Shequiandah” in the Summer 2017 issue. What are some other features that have stuck in your mind?

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