Spring Escarpment Views is Getting Out!

     The Spring issue of Escarpment Views is starting to get out there in the community. First, our subscribers across Canada and in the U.S. should be getting their copies for a first crack at the contents. The Bookshelf in Guelph has copies for sale. Our magazine tends to be on the bottom rack of the unit next to the cashier. Ask for it if you can’t see it! Next, our advertisers will be getting copies to give out. You can check with our usual advertisers until we’re able to post the new ones that have copies. We’re on the road this week delivering copies from NOTL to Owen Sound. Places further north will get their copies by Canada Post.
     We’ve already heard some comments from people about this issue. One guy just said “Nature porn!” A writer/photographer said he likes the profusion of green through this issue, very welcome in the white cold of February. Hold on, because the season of spring really is coming! Notice how warm the sun is, when the wind isn’t blowing. My father reported that his snowdrops beside his house are in bloom.
    Over to you. What signs of spring are you seeing?

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