Remembering Terry Fox

Below is a request from the Terry Fox Foundation, for your memories of his historic run.

     I’ll share mine here. My parents were hosting some of our relatives from Germany at their house in the country north of Georgetown. I was driving to my parents house, on the stretch of Highway 7 between Georgetown and Acton, when I saw flashing lights approaching me, people running on the shoulder on the other side of the road, carrying buckets to hold cash contributions, and I knew that something special was going on. I pulled over to the side of the road and then I saw him. Terry Fox in white T shirt and shorts, running with that unmistakable hopeful hop, swinging his artificial leg. Of course I burst into tears. When his procession passed, I drove slowly to my parents’ house.

     “What’s the matter?” asked my ever-observant mother.

     “I just saw Terry Fox,” I said, and the tears ran again.

     “Who is that?” asked my German aunt and uncle. And my parents explained who Terry Fox was, and my relatives later went back to Germany with the knowledge of him and the impact he had on Canadians and perhaps the rest of the world.

     And the tears are flowing even now as I write this, a few decades later.

     Here’s what the Terry Fox Foundation wants:

It does not seem possible that the story of Terry Fox is now 30 years old, nor that we are all 30 years older since we first heard it. In preparation for the 30th Anniversary of The Marathon of Hope, the Ontario Office of The Terry Fox Foundation is asking individuals who met or saw Terry during his visit to your community to share their stories with us. Terry touched the lives of many people across the country in the summer of 1980. We would love to hear these stories and share them with the rest of Canada on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

     Please email or write your “I Remember Terry” (500 words or less) and fax it to the attention of Jessica at 416-924-6597 or email it to We look forward to creating a narrative that reflects Canadians’ relationship with Terry Fox.

     The 30th Annual Terry Fox Run is Sunday September 19th. Please join us as we work together to outrun cancer.


Are you going to share your memories? Is there someone else whose challenge with illness has moved you?

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