Redesign for Escarpment Views’ 5th Anniversary

Like parents of a child that’s starting to go to school, we’re looking around & saying “Where did the last five years go?”
We’re amazed & pleased that we’ve completed five years of publishing Escarpment Views, and hearing from people that it keeps getting better. We’re delighted to hear that, but after all, that’s what publishing a magazine is all about: getting better, more interesting, more relevant, attracting more loyal readers. I would hate to hear that our magazine peaked at some point and now is going downhill! Publishers have to keep leading & responding to readers and viewers. Keeping the passion will keep you in business.
Our art director Branimir Zlamalik has redesigned the magazine’s masthead and inside layout. Pick up a copy to see why. Let us know if you like it. Copies are now available fromĀ our great advertisers as well as key tourism centres.
And let us know how we can improve even further. This has become the magazine of our readers & viewers, who give us ideas, photos, comments, subscription dollars and business for our advertisers. This is the community forum for all who have a Niagara Escarpment state of mind!

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