Reader Makes Me Cry

We got a two-page hand-written letter from a subscriber yesterday. What he wrote brought tears to my eyes.

He was responding to both my “View from the Editor’s Desk” and my column “The Gift of Land” in the Summer issue. He wrote with concern for our well-being. He wrote encouraging words about the magazine and the drop in revenue that this pandemic has caused. He wrote of his emotional support for us and gave good advice.

“You’re doing a good thing with this magazine – your advertisers know this,” he wrote. “They will come back to you – local politicians will help you out the best they can. If you miss a few issues – that’s OK – You shouldn’t go into debt in order to publish. Just wanted to let you know we are with you. Stay healthy – that’s the main thing.”

Aw, how sweet is that? Of course I’ve sent him a hand-written reply on one of our lovely garden note cards. His letter is proof of the power of the (hand-) written word.

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